Monday, 2 July 2012

Teversal White 2-2 Sutton Tn AFC

The second Teversal pre-season tournament began on a bit of a soggy night - but the game was ok and the Company as usual, was superb.

Teversal had to make a change to the planned itinerary due to the late withdrawal of Radford FC, but the addition of a second Teversal team has solved the clubs' dilemma.

Had our usual friendly welcome at Tevie, and with Rob Hornby, Mark Hales and "Mr. Teversal" Kev Newton keeping us company during the first half, we were happy little souls, despite the bleak weather!!

Saw Pinxton boss Kenny Shinfield at the break - had a few things to tell us, but I'm not sharing them on here!!!!

Dave Cockerill scored from the spot after 10 minutes to give Tevie the lead, but striker Craig Mitchell levelled for Sutton later on in the half. H-T 1-1.  Mitchell hammered a 40+ yarder home halfway through the second period, but Cockerill pulled Tevi back into it almost immediately. Thankfully this tournament sees the teams go straight to penalties in the event of a stalemate after 90 minutes. F-T 2-2

With Gavin Saxby in goal you never know what's going to happen - especially when he is being constantly harangued by fellow keeper Hales and Tevrsal's Colin Cockerill!  As it transpired, Sutton won 5-4, and next Monday will play the winners of the Staveley / Teversal Red match scheduled for Tuesday evening.

Admission £2
Programme £1
Attendance 64