Friday, 10 August 2012

Heanor Town v Arnold Town

In my report of the Heanor v Arnold game on Tuesday, I mentioned the number of persons in the technical area was, in my opinion, excessive. I didn't mean to cause offence to anyone! It just gave some of us a bit of a restricted view at times.

I have been reliably informed that the main reason there were so many Arnold personnel in the Technical Area was that the roof of the away dugout at the Town Ground had been caved in, and there was therefore not enough room to seat everyone.

Fair enough I suppose, but at one stage we actually counted 13 people standing in front of the dugouts, Heanor personnel included.  Surely, even with restricted space, that is far too many……only one should be conveying instructions, and then he has to sit down after having done so. We all know this doesn't happen, and usually it's not an issue, BUT here is the Baris Northern Counties East League rule reference Technical areas:

13. Trainers’ Boxes / Technical Area. (See also Rules 8.22.1 to 8.22.5)
A. Definition of Technical Area.
The technical area extends from 1 mtr. (1 yd.) on either side of the designated seated area and extends forward up to a distance of 1 mtr. (1 yd.) from the touchline.
Markings are to be used to define this area and it should be clearly and correctly marked.
B. Trainers Bench
The Trainers Bench relates to the SEATING area within the technical area, also known as the team bench, dugout, or other means of having protection for managers, substitute players, medical and coaching staff during a match.
All clubs must provide separate trainers benches adjacent to the pitch for the sole use of team officials, medical staff, substitute players, substituted players for both home and visiting teams. Trainers’ benches shall have direct access on to the field of play and be within the marked technical area.
(1) Only those team officials and substitutes listed on the team sheet may occupy the trainer’s bench.
(2) In NCE matches, the boxes should accommodate no more than 8 persons.
(3) Only one team official may convey technical instructions to the players from the edge of the technical area during the match. He must return to his SEATED position after giving those instructions.
(4) With the exception of any substitutes who are warming up/down, all other personnel are to REMAIN SEATED on the trainer’s bench.
(5) All occupants of the Trainers’ Box/Technical Area must conduct themselves in a responsible manner at all times. If good behaviour is not maintained, those in default will be removed from the trainer’s bench and technical area upon instruction from the referee.
(6) No juveniles under the age of 16 years are permitted on the trainer’s bench or in the technical area.
The League Board is emphatic that the behaviour of the team manager / officials / substitute players is exemplary at all times. It is the intention of the Board to consider disciplinary action against member Clubs for any beaches of the above instructions upon receipt of a referees’ report, other than offences which fall under the jurisdiction of their parent County FA. The Board are reliant on Clubs to ensure the good behaviour of their staff whether playing home or away in order to eradicate any problems.