Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Calverton MW 0-2 Real United

CML South Division - Wednesday 22nd August 2012 -- kick off 7:47pm

Met up with Real United's Jevon Swinscoe before the game - gave us some information about some of the Real players... and was on hand during the game to provide the goal-scorers names - thank you Jevon!

Now you might think Calverton v Real United wouldn't be a classic - and you would be 100% correct! This was not a good game, by any stretch of the imagination, but we were joined for the duration by "Wanderer" Richard Lane, who helped pass the time away.  Cracking company - always a pleasure to talk to - and anecdotes? Among the best...

Calverton played in their usual red and black, while Real sported a very snazzy all grey kit - sponsored by The Colonial - no? Me neither......

Great to see Matt McKenzie still playing  - he was wearing the number 5 shirt for United....still looks a beast!!! His team took the lead in the 11th minute - a neat ball into the box from the left was well controlled by MARCUS BUCK who set himself well before firing the ball across keeper James Wright and into the Welfare net. H-T 0-1

McKenzie leaps to clear

The visitors doubled their advantage on 63 - the home defence allowing United's no. 16 time to cross from inside the area, the ball picking out JUSTIN PINNOCK who had a simple tap in from close range.  End of report really - Referee Craig Langton must have had easier games to officiate, but not too many, I'll wager. F-T 0-2

Very short blog entry, but not a lot else happened. There is one thing that I can remember : the United number 9 missed a sitter that he will be reminded about over and over - it was that bad a miss. The perfect ball across the goal to the far stick - straight forward simple, easy, dip your bread, open goal, can't miss header --- that he ballsed-up big style.  He was subbed immediately after!

Attendance H/C 36 
Admission £3
Programme £1
Raffle  - £1 each. Another game where we come away without the raffle numbers being announced.  Did we win? No - apparently someone in the bar won......