Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Blidworth Welfare 1-4 Calverton MW

....or tales of the fat bloke who's been about a bit!!

No match report as such - the company was much to good for me to ignore them and take copious amounts of notes.

DAN HOUGH scored on 12 for Calverton, then four minutes later JACK COULTON scored from the spot to double the visitors lead. H-T 0-2

Calverton's number 9 added a third on 54, smashing the ball home from a tight angle. Blidworth 8 jacket scored from the spot on 80, but three minutes later the Calverton 3 goal lead was restored by sub no. 14. F-T 1-4

Admission £3
Programme £1
Attendance 59 ( H/C )

Great to be in the company of  Richard Lane, Steve Reading, Rob Hornby, Kieran Wells, Rob Townsend and Brian Dennett. It was Richard who related the "fat bloke who's been about a bit" story. He recalled one programme from 1991, I think.

Derby Rolls Royce had received no team info from their opponents, so had filled in the spaces with superb witticisms.  No. 1  "man in  a green shirt", No. 2, "fat bloke who's been about a bit", No. 3 "tall lad with an ear ring" and so on.   Hopefully I can get Richard to scan the programme page and email it to be for inclusion in a future blog entry.