Friday, 1 June 2012

Season 2012-2013

Still undecided how the Dynamic Duo are going to tackle the coming football season.  The "On The Road 2012-2013" blog will be updated on a much less regular basis than in previous seasons.

I was hoping to kill off "On The Road" completely, but by popular demand it will continue, albeit in a much reduced format.

One idea at the moment, is to get a Hucknall Town season ticket, reducing our travel expenses to almost nil every two weeks, but then to travel a bit farther afield than usual when the Yellows are away, taking in a lot more "new" venues.

By farther afield, I still mean Notts/Derbys/Leics, but expanding our "known" area a little.  There are loads of grounds we haven't been to locally, and places like Worksop, Loughborough, Holbrook, Thoresby, Ollerton, Newark and maybe even Louth and Staveley are possibilities....